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We work in commercial, industrial and residential properties using environmentally sound pesticides for the control of everyday pests. Covering the greater Harare area, we deal with many different pests including ants, bed bugs, termites, lawn caterpillar, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, flies, mosquitoes among many others. We are an eco-conscious company that encourages bee and snake removals and use solutions that are non-lethal for beneficial non-target animals - contact us for more information.


We cater for all domestic pest control needs. Rodents, termites, fleas, flies, cockroaches, ants and lawn pests are the main culprits, but we can assess and assist with any issues you may have.

We are currently working on service contracts that cater to various pests in the domestic setting.

We offer tailored service contracts for commercial kitchens, bakeries, abattoirs and any catering establishment that require routine cockroach control measures, rodent control systems and fly control measures. We implement and maintain these control programs.


Industrial forms of pest control such as bulk grain fumigation, specialised rodent control systems and any other pest control requirements can be catered for by us.

Solutions will be tailored to your requirements and the situation at hand.


Termite nest treatments for construction site preparation, pre-construction and post-construction termite proofing, residual surface sprays and termite control programs are services we offer developers.

Our termite proofing carries a ten year guarantee.


Fumigation of shipping containers on arrival and pre-departure are services that we offer. Container contents are typically foodstuffs, tobacco and other raw materials.

Some items such as electronic goods may not be able to be fumigated because of reactivity to the fumigant.


Every situation is different and as a result we make it our mission to tailor a treatment to your specific needs. We are conscious of responsible use of pesticides that do not have deleterious impacts on the environment and non-target organisms. We strive to provide the latest and safest solutions available on the market.


Give us a call, send a WhatsApp message or an online enquiry and we can discus what kind of pest you need us to take care of. We will then arrange for one or more of our highly qualified staff to come and visit the site and assess the degree of the infestation and then give you a full and detailed quote on the treatments required.


Some of our treatments carry guarantees, some pests however can be unpredictable and difficult to eradicate. We will discuss the intricacies of our treatments and what is to be expected from them. We are a reasonable team keen to deliver the best results, if results are unsatisfactory we will help!

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