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Keeping your lawn healthy year-round is a tough job. Lawn care requirements depend on your area, season, type of grass, type of soil and an understanding of nutritional needs. You also need to know about potential threats that can out-compete and destroy your lawn.

We can identify pests that are damaging your lawn and remedy the problem. 


Dead patches in lawn during the winter months when the grass is dry interspersed with soil workings/holes


Patchy lawn with circular patches of clipped grass, with a central hole or two holes

Lawn Caterpillar

Lawn leaves been eaten leaving only brown stems and runners

White grub

Patches of lawn suddenly die and dry out, which can be lifted like a carpet, as all roots have been eaten. Soil is soft under foot in dead patches


Weeds can easily proliferate and out-compete your lawn if conditions are right. The encroachment of weeds is  usually a sign of a problem, especially in previously healthy lawns. Problems include water stress, nutritional problems, pest presence and sometimes it is because the seeds of unwanted plants have been introduced via composting or addition of tobacco scrap and top soil.

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