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There are a number of types of lawn caterpillar pests, typically from the Spodoptera genus of moths. The two most common ones are the African Army worm (S.exempta) and the Cape Lawn moth (S.cilium). These are common and destructive pests found throughout most of Africa. These caterpillars typically feed on grasses which then pupate in the soil. The adult stage is a medium sized (3-4cm) non-descript grey/brown moth.

How serious is a caterpillar problem?

If left untreated, these pests are able to decimate your entire lawn in just a few days! If caught early however, your lawn can recover relatively quickly.

What are the signs of a caterpillar problem?
  • The green leaves of your lawn disappear at an alarming rate, the ‘green’ disappearance spreads in size rapidly as the caterpillars radiate out from the hatching area.

  • Walking on the lawn you are likely to notice quite an abundance of small (2.5cm), grey moths, which are the adult stage of the caterpillar. Studies have shown that they are capable of laying about 500 eggs per day! It is understandable why your lawn can be eaten so quickly.

  • If you search around the edges of the leafless area, looking below the matt of lawn, you should find the caterpillars. They seek refuge by day and feed at night so you have to look quite carefully because of their camouflage.

What we will do

We have all the equipment and experience to take care of these lawn pests at a moment’s notice, so if you have them, don’t delay, give us a call for a free quote.

Our treatments are environmentally friendly, we do not use chemicals that will kill birds or persist for long periods in the environment.

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