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Specialists in domestic and industrial pest control


Protect your property

Contact us for a free quote. We will inspect your property, determine the type of pest and infestation and assess the best way to safely treat any issues you may have.

We work for all sectors including private homes, industrial facilities, commercial organisations, restaurants, cafes and food manufacturers as well as construction and housing companies, hotels, hostels, hospitals, property management and many more across Harare.  


We have a team of expert pest control specialists that will deal with your issue efficiently and discreetly. Our services cover pest removal, control and prevention. 

Our most popular pest control services

We will deal with a range of pest infestations including Termites, Ants, Cockroaches, Crickets, Lawn Caterpillars, Flies, Rodents and many more. Take a look at some of the treatments we offer or browse our gallery to see if you can identify your own pests.  Contact us and we will get rid of them for you. 


We offer a ten year guarantee on pre-construction termite proofing.


From ants to wood borers, we have a solution tailored to your needs


Take action against these hard to control insects!


Control them in a safe, environmentally responsible manner.


For those unusual creatures causing problems, lets see what can be done.


Eco-friendly lawn care for your garden or sports field.

Need help identifying that pest?

If you are unsure of what exactly is causing you problems, please take a look at the different types of pests in our gallery. There are images of various pests and the damage they cause. Alternatively, contact us for a free quote and we can come around to assess what pest issues you have. 


White Washed Wood

I can't recommend highly enough!!! Prompt, efficient service and honesty with any treatment/s required. Even after full inspection of house surrounds and even inside the roof, no essential treatment needed and no call out fee for the excellent advice and information!

White Washed Wood

I used them for rat infestation at home - I can highly recommend this crew - effective and efficient and best solution too if you have dogs in the home with their bait stations. Hassle-free service and customer follow-up, almost unheard of in Zim these days - thanks.

White Washed Wood

Professional service with fantastic results on rats, flies and cockroaches keep up the great work guys !!

White Washed Wood

Termites are a thing of the past with quick service thanks !

Natalie Jane Fisher

Lesley-Anne Freeman

Dylan Stone

Brad MIlls


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